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David L. Haselkorn, President

Harran Holding Corp. was formed in New York in the 1960s. A real estate investment company, Harran grew out of the grit and determination of our founder, who unearthed and created opportunities when the Depression offered few. A scrappy entrepreneur, he worked tirelessly as a real estate broker and then assembled syndicates to purchase properties. Today, together with its affiliated partnerships, Harran continues to own and invest in real estate assets, primarily in New York City. We are a family-owned company now in our fourth generation in the real estate business. Harran also co-owns real estate assets with investment and operating partners. We are hands-on owners, care deeply about the condition and prudent management of our properties, and develop long-term relationships with our tenants. Since 2019, we are also active in the Washington, DC market. 

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